The Noam Chomsky Reading List
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Complete List of Publishers

The following table displays a list of publishers and the number of their works referenced by Noam. In some cases the publisher may not match Noam's reference as the latest edition may have been used here. Source details are availalbe on the home page.

Publisher Works Used Total References
Oxford University Press48116
Penguin Books2959
South End Press2695
Cambridge University Press2469
Princeton University Press2450
University of California Press2156
Harvard University Press2048
W. W. Norton & Company2048
Vintage Books2036
Westview Press1858
Palgrave Macmillan1629
Verso Books1537
Simon & Schuster Ltd1434
Zed Books1425
Random House1344
University of North Carolina Press1336
Yale University Press1331
Free Press1222
University of Chicago Press1130
Cornell University Press1123
Monthly Review Press1121
Pluto Press1115
Stanford University Press932
Pantheon Books931
Basic Books919
Johns Hopkins University Press918
Seven Stories Press913
Rowman & Littlefield913
Brookings Institution827
Columbia University Press826
Little, Brown & Co813
The New Press716
MIT Press716
University of Michigan Press711
Greenwood Press79
Haymarket Books619
University of Illinois Press617
Beacon Press615
Ivan R Dee522
AK Press516
University of Texas Press514
Harper & Row57
US Government56
Freedom Press416
Scholarly Resources Inc.,U.S.414
Common Courage Press411
University of Wisconsin Press410
Dover Publications48
University of Pittsburgh Press313
New York University Press311
Syracuse University Press310
Indiana University Press39
University of Minnesota Press38
Duke University Press Books38
Rutgers University Press37
University of Oklahoma Press35
Longmanns, Green, and Company35
Henry Holt & Company35
Manchester University Press35
Crown Publishing Group35
Mariner Books34
Latin America Bureau34
Forgotten Books33
RAND Corporation33
Ballinger Pub Co33
Economic Policy Institute33
University of Washington Press228
Weidenfeld & Nicolson212
Hill & Wang212
M.E. Sharpe212
Kent State University Press212
Asia Publishing House211
Americas Watch210
Pathfinder Books Ltd210
American Academy of Arts & Sciences210
Institute for Media Analysis29
Amnesty International26
Alfred A. Knopf26
Kessinger Publishing25
Harper Perennial25
Houghton Mifflin25
Orbis Books25
University Press of Kentucky25
William Morrow24
University Press of Kansas24
Atlantic Books24
Dodo Press24
Prentice Hall24
The Merlin Press Ltd24
Skyhorse Publishing23
Monash Asia Institute23
Dodd, Mead and Company23
Taylor & Francis Ltd23
UNICEF: United Nations Children's Fund23
Joanna Cotler Books23
Da Capo Press23
University of Hawaii Press23
Lynne Rienner Publishers Inc23
Pennsylvania State University Press23
Grove Pr23
Clarendon Press22
Media Institute22
Harcourt Publishers Ltd22
Hamilton 22
Thunder's Mouth Press22
Holmes & Meier Pub22
Faber and Faber22
Food First / Institute for Food and Development Policy22
Transaction Publishers22
Viking Press22
Owl Books (NY)22
Council on Foreign Relations22
University of New Mexico Press22
Bantam 22
Michigan State University Press22
Ams Press, Inc.22
Lexington Books22
Ithaca Press22
Sheridan Square Publications127
OR Books113
Ayer Company Publishers, Inc.112
Stackpole Books18
Quadrangle Books17
Galago Publishing Pty Ltd17
Bedford Books16
University Press of Florida15
Summit Books15
University of Pennsylvania Press14
Marcel Riviere14
Center for International Policy14
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace14
Georgetown University Press14
Atlantic Monthly Press14
Russell & Russell14
Sinclair-Stevenson Ltd14
Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd14
Times Books14
Inst for Policy Studies14
Anchor Books14
Naval Institute Press13
Catholic Institute for International Relations13
Knowledge Industry Publications13
Fund for Free Expression13
British American Security Information Council13
Institute for Palestine Studies13
Merlin Press13
Schocken Books Inc13
Guatemala Human Rights Commission13
David McKay Publications13
University of Massachusetts Press13
Edinburgh University Press13
Chicago Review Press13
Fontana Press13
Ig Publishing12
Hakibbutz Hameuchad12
Temple University Press12
Adler & Adler Publishers Inc.12
King's College London12
Aakar Books12
Duffy and Snellgrove12
Everyman's Library12
Wayne State University Press12
Equinox Publishing12
SR Books, Wilmington12
Global Research12
Potomac Books Inc12
The Lawbook Exchange Ltd12
Broadview Press Ltd12
Development GAP12
Chicago Council on Foreign Relations12
Institute for International Economics,U.S.12
Northwestern University Press12
Association of Arab American University Graduates (AAUG)12
Physicians for Human Rights--Tel Aviv12
Northeastern University Press12
Littlehampton Book Services Ltd12
Secker & Warbur12
Littlehampton Book Services Ltd12
Atheneum Books12
Burning Cities Press11
Arab American Institute11
Centre for Policy Studies11
George's Hill Publications11
IDRC Book11
Anti-Slavery International11
Baywood Publishing Company Inc11
Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute11
Coronet Books11
Sheed & Ward11
Democracy Collaborative11
Institute of Marxism-Leninism11
St. Martin's Press11
Government Printing Office11
Farrar, Straus & Giroux Inc11
Displaced Films / Documara11
Augustus M Kelley Publishers11
Academic Press11
Ohio University Press11
Allen Lane11
Trine Day11
Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)11
Frank Cass11
Hodder & Stoughton Ltd11
Inst for the Study of Human Is11
Gollancz (Victor Gollancz Ltd)11
Lyle Stuart11
State University of New York Press11
Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam11
Arris Books11
University of Nebraska Press11
Coquelicot 11
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC11
Chicago Religious Task Force on Central America11
Human Rights Watch11
Liberty Fund11
Brassey's US11
Hyperion Books11
Cato Institute11
University Press of the South11
Austin & Winfield11
Kersplebedeb 11
iUniverse 11
Evergreen Book Distribution11
Lawrence Hill & Company11
John Wiley & Sons Inc11
Dietz Berlin11
ABC Enterprises11
C. Hurst & Co.11
Cooper Square11
Avalon Travel Publishing11
US Naval Institute Press11
Arc Manor11
Harper & Brothers11
Reader's Digest Press11
Hastings House11
Voyageur Pub11
SAGE Publications Ltd;11
Orchid Press11
Charles H. Kerr Company Publishers11
Information Network of the Americas (INOTA)11
Editions du Seuil11
Workers' International Press11
Dial Press11
Africa World Press11
Institute for Workers' Control11
Washington Office on Latin America11
Oneworld Publications11
Allen & Unwin11
James Bennett11
George Mason University Press11
HarperOne 11
Museum for Textiles, Toronto 11
Modern Library Inc11
Black Rose Books11
Quartet Books11
Third World Network11
Martinus Nijhoff11
Oregon State University Press11
Northern Illinois University Press11
Spokesman Books11
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute11
Lightning Source UK Ltd11
University of Arizona Press11
Proglen Trading Co., Ltd. 11
International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE)11
UM:AG Arastimaci Gazetecilik Vakfi11
The Watch Committees11
Trolley Books11
Fawcett publications11
Pall Mall Press London11
Foundation for Nationalist Studies11
Barnes & Noble Books11
University of Toronto Press11
Apex Press11