The Noam Chomsky Reading List
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Books Referenced in Several of Chomsky's Works

The following list ranks titles by the number of Chomsky's books that they've appeared in. Source details are availalbe on the home page.

Book Title Author(s) Total Books Appeared In
1The Real Terror Network: Terrorism in Fact and PropagandaHerman, Edward11
2Instruments of Statecraft: U.S. Guerrilla Warfare, Counterinsurgency, and Counter-Terrorism, 1940-1990McClintock, Michael8
3Last Reflections on a War: Bernard B.Fall's Last Comments on VietnamFall, Bernard B.7
4Requiem for Revolution: United States and Brazil, 1961-69Leacock, Ruth6
5Right Turn: The Decline of the Democrats and the Future of American PoliticsFerguson, Thomas; Rogers, Joel6
6Taking the Risk out of Democracy: Corporate Propaganda Versus Freedom and LibertyCarey, Alex5
7Subversion as Foreign Policy: Secret Eisenhower and Dulles Debacle in IndonesiaKahin, Audrey; Kahin, George5
8Exporting Democracy: The United States and Latin AmericaLowenthal, Abraham F.5
9The Crisis of DemocracyHuntington, Samuel P.; Watanuki, Joji; Crozier, Michel5
10In the Name of Democracy: U.S. Policy Toward Latin America in the Reagan YearsCarothers, Thomas5
11The Long Peace: Inquiries into the History of the Cold WarGaddis, John Lewis4
12Supremacy and Oil: Iraq, Turkey and the Anglo-American World Order, 1918-30Stivers, William4
13Human Rights and United States Policy Toward Latin AmericaSchoultz, Lars4
14Hope and Folly: United States and UnescoHerman, Edward; Preston, William; Schiller, Herbert I.4
15The Marshall Plan: America, Britain and the Reconstruction of Western Europe, 1947-1952 Hogan, Michael J.4
16The Reagan Aministration And NicaraguaPetras, James; Morley, Morris4
17Danger and Survival: Choices About the Bomb in the First Fifty YearsBundy, McGeorge4
18Selling Free Enterprise: The Business Assault on Labor and Liberalism, 1945-60Fones-Wolf, Elizabeth4
19The CIA: Forgotten HistoryBlum, William4
20The Uses of HaitiFarmer, Paul4
21Kennedy's Quest for Victory: American Foreign Policy, 1961-1963Paterson, Thomas G.4
22The Rise and Fall of the Bulgarian ConnectionHerman, Edward; Brodhead, Frank4
23Business as a System of PowerBrady, Robert A.4
24ChurchillPonting, Clive4
25Reflections on the Cuban Missile CrisisGarthoff, Raymond L.4
26The Transformation of American Law 1870 - 1960Horwitz, Morton J.4
27The United States and the Origins of the Cuban RevolutionBenjamin, Jules R4
28A Preponderance of Power: National Security, Truman Administration and the Cold WarLeffler, Melvyn P.4
29Inevitable Revolutions: United States in Central AmericaLafeber, Walter4
30Just the Facts: A Civilian's Guide to U.S. Defense and Security Assistance to Latin America and the CaribbeanOlson, Joy; Isacson, Adam4
31Viet Cong: The Organization and Techniques of the National Liberation Front of South VietnamPike, Douglas4
32Demonstration Elections: United States Staged Elections in the Dominican Republic, Vietnam and El SalvadorHerman, Edward; Brodhead, Frank4
33Collateral Damage: The New World Order at Home and AbroadPeters, Cynthia4
34American Foreign PolicyKissinger, Henry A.4
35The Great Transformation: The Political and Economic Origins of Our TimePolanyi, Karl4
36The Discovery of IndiaNehru, Jawaharlal3
37The Inter-American systemConnell-Smith, Gordon3
38Politicide: Ariel Sharon's War Against the PalestiniansKimmerling, Baruch3
39The Consumer TrapDawson, Michael3
40Humanitarian Intervention: The United Nations in an Evolving World OrderMurphy, Sean D.3
41The Wealth of NationsSmith, Adam3
42United States Penetration of BrazilBlack, Jan Knippers3
43The War ManagersKinnard, Douglas3
44An American company: The tragedy of United Fruit McCann, Thomas P3
45Cambodia 1975 - 1982Vickery, Michael3
46A Diplomatic History of the American People Bailey, Thomas A.3
47America in VietnamLewy, Guenter3
48Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA 1981-1987 Woodward, Bob3
49Economic Liberalism and Under-development Clairmont, Frederick3
50Shattered Hope: The Guatemalan Revolution and the United States, 1944-1954Gleijeses, Piero3
51Cointelpro: the FBI's War on Political FreedomBlackstock, Nelson3
52Lenin's Last StruggleLewin, Moshae3
53In RetrospectMcNamara, Robert S.3
54John Quincy Adams and American Global EmpireWeeks, William Earl3
55Israel/Palestine: How to End the 1948 WarReinhart, Tanya3
56Condemned to Repetition: United States and NicaraguaPastor, Robert A.3
57Panic Rules: Everything You Need to Know about the Global EconomyHahnel, Robin3
58Confronting the Third World: United States Foreign Policy, 1945-1980Kolko, Gabriel3
59The War of 1898: United States and Cuba in History and HistoriographyPerez, Louis A.3
60Nicaragua: Living in the Shadow of the Eagle Walker, Thomas W.3
61Accumulation and Power: Economic History of the United StatesDuBoff, Richard B.3
62European Empires from Conquest to Collapse, 1815-1960Kiernan, V.G.3
63The CIA and American DemocracyJeffreys-jones, Rhodri3
64Imperial State and Revolution: The United States and Cuba, 1952-1986Morley, Morris3
65Washington's War on NicaraguaSklar, Holly3
66Intervention: How America Became Involved in VietnamKahin, George3
67War with Iraq: Costs, Consequences, and AlternativesKaysen, Carl3
68The Conquest of America: The Question of the OtherTodorov, Tzvetan3
69Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine ConflictFinkelstein, Norman G.3
70The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade, Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, Central America, ColumbiaMcCoy, Alfred W.3
71Reagan Versus the Sandinistas: Undeclared War on NicaraguaWalker, Thomas W.3
72The Kennedy Tapes. Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile CrisisZelikow, Philip D.; May, Ernest R.3
73Safe for Democracy: The Anglo-American Response to Revolution, 1913-1923Gardner, Lloyd C.3
74Detente and Confrontation: American-Soviet Relations from Nixon to ReaganGarthoff, Raymond L.3
75Al-Qaeda: The True Story of Radical IslamBurke, Jason3
76Conflicting Missions: Havana, Washington, PretoriaGleijeses, Piero3
77Bitter Fruit: The Untold Story of the American Coup in GuatemalaSchlesinger, Stephen C.; Kinzer, Stephen3
78The New Intifada: Resisting Israel's ApartheidCarey, Roane3
79Facing West: Metaphysics of Indian-hating and Empire-buildingDrinnon, Richard3
80The Politics of War: The World and United States Foreign Policy, 1943-1945Kolko, Gabriel3
81The Terrorism Industry: The Experts and Institutions That Shape Our View of TerrorHerman, Edward; O'Sullivan, Gerry3
82Collusion Across the Jordan: King Abdullah, the Zionist Movement and the Partition of PalestineShlaim, Avi3
83The U.S. Press and Iran: Foreign Policy and the Journalism of DeferenceDorman, William; Farhang, Mansour2
84Freedom at Risk: Secrecy, Censorship, and Repression in the 1980sCurry, Richard O.2
85The Rising American EmpireAlstyne, Richard Warner Van2
861984Orwell, George2
87Out of Control: The Story of the Reagan Administration's Secret War in Nicaragua, the Illegal Arms Pipeline, and the Contra Drug ConnectionCockburn, Leslie2
88A Journey Through the Cold War: A Memoir of Containment and CoexistenceGarthoff, Raymond L.2
89Jefferson and Civil Liberties: The Darker Side Levy, Leonard W.2
90Kosovo Crossing: American Ideals Meet Reality on the Balkan BattlefieldsFromkin, David2
91Ruthless Criticism: New Perspectives in US Communications HistoryMcChesney, Robert2
92To move a nation: The Politics of Foreign Policy in the Administration of John F. KennedyHilsman, Roger2
93The lawless state: The crimes of the US intelligence agenciesHalperin, Morton H2
94Palestine: Peace Not ApartheidCarter, Jimmy2
95Emergence of a Free PressLevy, Leonard W.2
96Russia as a Developing SocietyShanin, Teodor2
97Banks, Borrowers, and the Establishment: A Revisionist Account of the International Debt CrisisLissakers, Karin2
98Nicaragua: The First Five Years Walker, Thomas W.2
99Iraq Under Siege: The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and WarArnove, Anthony2
100India Working: Essays on Society and EconomyHarriss-White, Barbara2
101Israeli Foreign Policy: South Africa and Central AmericaHunter, Jane2
102Empire of FortuneJennings, Francis2
103Towards a Society That Serves Its People: The Intellectual Contribution of El Salvador's Murdered JesuitsLacey, Hugh; Hassett, John2
104The Democratic IntellectDavie, George E.2
105Harry S. Truman and the War Scare of 1948: A Successful Campaign to Deceive the Nation Kofsky, Frank2
106The Logic of International Restructuring: The Management of Dependencies in Rival Industrial ComplexesTulder, Rob van; Ruigrok, Winfried2
107The Israeli Connection: Who Israel Arms and Why Beit-Hallahmi, Benjamin2
108Decade of Transition: Eisenhower, Kennedy and the Origins of the American-Israeli AllianceBen-zvi, Abraham2
109The Other Arab-Israeli Conflict: Making America's Middle East Policy, from Truman to ReaganSpiegel, Steven L.2
110Who's Bashing Whom?: Trade Conflict in High-technology IndustriesTyson, Laura D'Andrea2
111The Industrial Worker, 1840-60Ware, Norman2
112Race and Manifest DestinyHorsman, Reginald2
113Search for Security: Saudi Arabian Oil and American Foreign PolicyMiller, Aaron David2
114Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961-1963 Vol. 12American Republics2
115Critique of the Gotha ProgrammeMarx, Karl2
116A History of the Monroe DoctrinePerkins, Dexter2
117The United States and Fascist Italy, 1922-1940Schmitz, David F.2
118The Market Tells Them So: The World Bank and Economic Fundamentalism in AfricaMihevc, John2
119The Money Mandarins: Making of a Supranational Economic OrderWachtel, Howard M.2
120Soldiers in Revolt: GI Resistance During the Vietnam WarCortright, David2
121Freedom, the Individual and the LawRobertson, Geoffrey2
122PR!: A Social History of SpinEwen, Stuart2
123Vietnam: A HistoryKarnow, Stanley2
124Imperial Hubris: Why the West Is Losing the War on Terror Scheuer, Michael2
125Asia's Next Giant: South Korea and Late IndustrializationAmsden, Alice H.2
126The Americanization of BrazilHaines, Gerald K.2
127Rise and Fall of Economic LiberalismClairmont, Frederick2
128The Road to OPEC: United States Relations with Venezuela, 1919-1976Rabe, Stephen G.2
129Anarcho-syndicalism: Theory and PracticeRocker, Rudolf2
130A Dangerous PlaceMoynihan, Daniel; Weaver, Suzanne2
131Nuremberg and VietnamTaylor, Telford2
132War Stars: The Superweapon and the American ImaginationFranklin, Bruce2
133The founding finaglersMiller, Nathan2
134AnarchismGuerin, Daniel2
135The Political Economy of American Foreign PolicyElliot, W. Y.2
136The Making of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1947-1951Pappe, Ilan2
137U.S.Policy Toward Economic Nationalism in Latin America, 1917-29Krenn, Michael L.2
138Culture, Inc.: The Corporate Takeover of Public ExpressionSchiller, Herbert I.2
139The Juggler: Franklin Roosevelt as Wartime StatesmanKimball, Warren F.2
140The First and Second Discourses: By Jean-Jacques RousseauRousseau, Jean-Jacques; Masters, Roger2
141A Thousand Days: John F. Kennedy in the White HouseSchlesinger, Arthur M.2
142Propaganda Bernays, Edward L.2
143Brazil and the Quiet Intervention, 1964Parker, Phyllis2
144The New Cambridge History of India in 3 VolumesJohnson, Gordon; Bayly, C. A.; Richards, John F.2
145The Origins of the Korean War: Volume II The Roaring of the Cataract 1947-1950Cumings, Bruce2
146Between Serb and Albanian: A History of KosovoVickers, Miranda2
147Economic Backwardness in Historical PerspectiveGerschenkron, Alexander2
148Human Rights and the End of Empire: Britain and the Genesis of the European ConventionSimpson, A. W Brian2
149The Price of Power: Kissinger in the Nixon White HouseHersh, Seymour M.2
150The containment of Latin AmericaGreen, David2
151Days and Nights of Love and WarGaleano, Eduardo2
152Inside the League Anderson, Jon Lee; Anderson, Scott2
153An Injury to All: Decline of American UnionismMoody, Kim2
154The Israeli-Turkish EntenteInbar, Efraim2
155Mark Twain's Weapons of Satire: Antiimperialist Writings on the Philippine-American WarTwain, Mark; Zwick, Jim2
156Trading Free: GATT and U.S. Trade Policy Low, Patrick2
157War Comes to Long An: Revolutionary Conflict in a Vietnamese ProvinceRace, Jeffrey2
158Arguing About WarWalzer, Michael2
159Swords And PlowsharesTaylor, Maxwell D.2
160Propaganda and the Ethics of PersuasionMarlin, Randal2
161Qaddafi and the United States since 1969Haley, Edward2
162Sinews of Power: War, Money and the English State, 1688-1783Brewer, John2
163Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the FutureNational Intelligence Council2
164Oil, War and American Security: The Search for a National Policy on Foreign Oil, 1941-47Stoff, Michael B.2
165One World, Ready or Not Greider, William2
166Uncertain greatness: Henry Kissinger and American foreign policyMorris, Roger2
167The Viet-nam ReaderFall, Bernard B.; Raskin, Marcus G.2
168Capital: Critique of Political Economy v. 1Marx, Karl2
169Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International TerrorismCooley, John K.2
170Through Jaundiced Eyes: How the Media View Organized LaborPuette, William J.2
171Mobile Capital and Latin American DevelopmentMahon Jr., James E.2
172Democracy's Discontent: America in Search of a Public Philosophy Sandel, Michael2
173The Social and Political Thought of Karl MarxAvineri, Shlomo2
174Eisenhower and Latin AmericaRabe, Stephen G.2
175Aid and Power - Vol 1: The World Bank and Policy Based LendingHarrigan, Jane; Mosley, Paul; Toye, John2
176Strategies of ContainmentGaddis, John Lewis2
177No Gods, No Masters: An Anthology of AnarchismGuerin, Daniel2
178The Politics of Military Rule in Brazil, 1964-1985Skidmore, Thomas E.2
179Politics and culture in Guatemala Gleijeses, Piero2
180Coercion, Capital and European States, A.D.990-1990Tilly, Charles2
181Conservative Century: The Conservative Party since 1900Seldon, Anthony; Ball, Stuart2
182Pacific Alliance: United States Foreign Economic Policy and Japanese Trade Recovery, 1947-55Borden, William S.2
183The Far Enemy: Why Jihad Went GlobalGerges, Fawaz A.2
184Effects of Chemical Warfare: A Selective Bibliography of British State PapersThomas, Andy2
185The Progress of Nations 1996UNICEF2
186The Dismantling of the Good Neighbor PolicyWood, Bryce2
187The AnarchistsJoll, James2
188Israel's Border Wars, 1949-1956: Arab Infiltration, Israeli Retaliation, and the Countdown to the Suez WarMorris, Benny2
189The War Conspiracy: JFK, 9/11, and the Deep Politics of WarScott, Peter Dale2
190The Record of the Paper: How the "New York Times" Misreports US Foreign PolicyFalk, Richard A.; Friel, Howard2
191Politics of Health Policy: The U.S.Reforms, 1980-93Navarro, Vicente2
192Worlds in CollisionBooth, Ken; Dunne, Tim; Waltz, Kenneth N.2
193The Essential Lippman - a Political Philosophy for Liberal DemocracyLare, James; Rossiter, Clinton2
194The Limits of State ActionHumboldt, Wilhelm von; Burrow, J. W.2
195Voices from the Plain of Jars: Life under an Air WarBranfman, Fred2
196The Age of Terror: America and the World After September 11Talbott, Strobe; Chanda, Nayan2
197The Iran-Contra Connection: Secret Teams and Covert Operations in the Reagan EraHunter, Jane; Marshall, Jonathan; Scott, Peter Dale2
198A Worthy Tradition: Freedom of Speech in AmericanKalven, Harry, Jr.2
199East Timor: The Price of FreedomTaylor, John G.2
200The Agency: The Rise and Decline of the CIARanelagh, John2
201Bordering on Trouble: Resources and Politics in Latin AmericaMaguire, Andrew; Brown, Janet Welsh2
202America's Confrontation with Revolutionary Change in the Middle East, 1948-83Stivers, William2
203The World Turned Upside Down: Radical Ideas During the English RevolutionHill, Christopher2
204American Public Opinion and U.S. Foreign PolicyRielly, John E2
205Nicaragua: The threat of a good example?Melrose, Dianna2
206The Splendid Blond Beast: Money, Law and Genocide in the Twentieth CenturySimpson, Christopher2
207A Place for AllBen-Ami, Shlomo2
208Inventing the People: Rise of Popular Sovereignty in England and AmericaMorgan, Edmund S.2
209Democracy undermined, economic justice denied: Structural adjustment and the aid juggernaut in HaitiMcGowan, Lisa A2
210The Army and Politics in IndonesiaCrouch, Harold2
211Iran Contra Connection Marshall, John2
212Captains of Consciousness: Advertising and the Social Roots of the Consumer CultureEwen, Stuart2
213Saving Strangers: Humanitarian Intervention in International SocietyWheeler, Nicholas J.2
214Terror and Taboo: The Follies, Fables, and Faces of TerrorismZulaika, Joseba; Douglass, William2
215The Visible Hand: Managerial Revolution in American BusinessChandler, Alfred2
216The War on Labor and the Left: Understanding America's Unique ConservatismSexton, Patricia Cayo2
217AIDS and Accusation: Haiti and the Geography of BlameFarmer, Paul2
218Aramco, the United States, and Saudi Arabia: A Study of the Dynamics of Foreign Oil Policy, 1933-1950Anderson, Irvine H.2
219Haiti: Dangerous CrossroadsNACLA2
220Making democracy safe for oil: Oilmen and the Islamic EastRand, Christopher T2
221Critical Mission: Essays on Democracy PromotionCarothers, Thomas2
222Ben-Gurion and the Palestinian Arabs: From Peace to War Teveth, Shabtai2
223The Market Revolution: Jacksonian America 1815-1846Sellers, Charles2
224Anatomy of a War: Vietnam, the United States, and the Modern Historical ExperienceKolko, Gabriel2
225Chemical Warfare in Colombia: The Costs of Coca FumigationBranford, Sue; O'Shaughnessy, Hugh2
226American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New WorldStannard, David E.2
227John Dewey and American DemocracyWestbrook, Robert B.2
228Democracy In AmericaTocqueville, Alexis De2
229Democracy: History, Theory, PracticeLakoff, Sanford2
230Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order Chossudovsky, Michel2
231Dependent Development: The Alliance of Multinational, State, and Local Capital in Brazil Evans, Peter B.2
232American Empire: The Realities and Consequences of U.S. DiplomacyBacevich, Andrew J2
233Japanese Workers and the Struggle for Power, 1945-47Moore, Joe2
234Israel-Palestine on Record: How the "New York Times" Misreports Conflict in the Middle East Falk, Richard A.; Friel, Howard2
235The State of the World's Children: 1997UNICEF2
236Paths in UtopiaBuber, Martin2
237The Anatomy of the Nuremberg TrialsTaylor, Telford2
238Surprise, Security, and the American ExperienceGaddis, John Lewis2
239Intifada: Palestinian Uprising Against Israeli OccupationLockman, Zachary; Beinin, Joel2
240The American Occupation of Japan: The Origins of the Cold War in AsiaSchaller, Michael2
241After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness? My Encounters With Kurdistan Randal, Jonathan2
242Humanist without portfolio: An anthology of the writings of Wilhelm von HumboldtHumboldt, Wilhelm von; Cowan, Marianne2
243Major Problems in American Foreign Relations, Volume II: Since 1914: Vol 2Paterson, Thomas G.; Merrill, Dennis2
244Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-semitism and the Abuse of HistoryFinkelstein, Norman G.2
245Blowback: America's Recruitment of Nazis and Its Effects on the Cold WarSimpson, Christopher2
246Just War Against Terror: Ethics and the Burden of American Power in a Violent WorldElshtain, Jean Bethke2
247The Other Israel: Voices of Refusal and DissentCarey, Roane; Shainin, Jonathan1
248Beyond Hypocrisy: Decoding the News in an Age of PropagandaHerman, Edward1
249A Century of Conflict, 1850-1950: Essays for A.J.P. TaylorGilbert, Martin1
250Zionism and the State of Israel: A Moral InquiryPrior, Michael1
251Colville for the defense: A critique of the reports of the U.N. special rapporteur for GuatemalaLevine, Neil1
252Bordering on Aggression: Evidence of US Military Preparations Against CanadaRudmin, Floyd W.1
253The State of Working America 1996-97Mishel, Lawrence; Bernstein, Jared; Schmitt, John1
254Statism and AnarchyBakunin, Michael1
255CyprusHitchens, Christopher1
256Vietnam Inc.Griffiths, Philip Jones1
257Kosovo: War and RevengeJudah, Tim1
258War and State Terrorism: The United States, Japan and the Asia-Pacific in the Long Twentieth CenturySelden, Mark; So, Alvin Y.1
259The Limits of Liberty: Between Anarchy and LeviathanBuchanan, James1
260The Western alliance: European-American relations since 1945 Grosser, Alfred1
261The Past Has Another Pattern: MemoirsBall, George W.1
262Empire as a Way of LifeWilliams, William Appleman1
263The Principles of Political Economy and TaxationRicardo, David1
264The "Achille Lauro" Hijacking: Lessons in the Politics and Prejudice of TerrorismBohn, Michael K.1
265The Problem of Freedom: Race, Labor, and Politics in Jamaica and Britain, 1832-1938Holt, Thomas C.1
266An Economic History of IndiaRothermund, Dietmar1
267Vietnam: The Logic of WithdrawalZinn, Howard1
268The Kennedys and Cuba: The Declassified Documentary HistoryWhite, Mark J.1
269Morality of ScholarshipBlack, Max1
270The Clash of CivilizationsHuntington, Samuel P.1
271Handbook of Advocacy Advertising Concepts, Strategies and ApplicationsSethi, Prakash1
272The Chinese Opium WarsBeeching, Jack1
273The Practice and Theory of BolshevismRussell, Bertrand1
274Li Ta-Chao and the Origins of Chinese Marxism Meisner, Maurice1
275A Land without a People: Israel, Transfer and the Palestinians, 1949-96Masalha, Nur1
276Guatemala: A government program of political murderAmnesty International1
277Killing HopeBlum, William1
278MAI : The Multilateral Agreement on Investment and the Threat to American FreedomClarke, Tony; Barlow, Maude1
279World Revolutionary Elites: Studies in Coercive Ideological MovementsLasswell, Harold Dwight; Lerner, Daniel1
280The Great Heroin CoupKrüger, Henrik1
281The Gaza Strip: A Demographic, Economic, Social and Legal SurveyRoy, Sara1
282Between Fact and Fiction: The Problem of JournalismEpstein, Edward Jay1
283Lawless WorldSands, Philippe1
284The American Revolution: Explorations in the History of American RadicalismYoung, Alfred1
285The Crimes of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIAKwitny, Jonathan1
286The Old Social Classes and the Revolutionary Movements of IraqBatatu, Hanna1
287Aiding Migration: Impact of International Development Assistance in HaitiDeWind, Josh; Kinley, David1
288John Jay, Defender of Liberty Against Kings and Peoples, Author of the ConstitutionMonaghan, Frank1
289HERBICIDES IN WARWesting, Arthur H.1
290The American Revolution ReconsideredMorris, Richard B.1
291Taming Global Finance: A Better Architecture for Growth and EquityBlecker, Robert A.1
292And Still the Waters RunDebo, Angie1
293Ninety Seconds to Tell It All : Big Business and the News MediaMacDougall, A. Kent1
294Intellectuals and McCarthy: Radical SpecterRogin, Michael Paul1
295Culture and ImperialismSaid, Edward W.1
296The Future of Central America: Policy Choices for the U.S. and MexicoFagen, Richard R.; Pellicer, Olga1
297The Essays of A.J. MusteMuste, A. J.; Hentoff, Nat1
298Global Media: The New Missionaries of Global CapitalismHerman, Edward; McChesney, Robert1
299The Spanish StoryFeis, Herbert1
300National Security and United States Policy Toward Latin America Schoultz, Lars1
301Where Now for Palestine?: The Demise of the Two-State SolutionHilal, Jamil1
302Atrocities in Vietnam: Myths and realitiesHerman, Edward1
303How America Gets Away with Murder: Illegal Wars, Collateral Damage and Crimes Against HumanityMandel, Michael1
304Indonesia's Secret WarOsborne, Robin1
305Way Forward for Workers' ControlScanlon, Hugh1
306The Plot to Kill the PopeHenze, Paul B.1
307The Conquest of Paradise: Christopher Columbus and the Columbian LegacySale, Kirkpatrick1
308Defeat of an Ideal: Self Destruction of the United NationsHazzard, Shirley1
309The Kennedy LegacySorenson, Theodore1
310Violence in Colombia, 1990-2000: Waging War and Negotiating PeaceBergquist, Charles; Penaranda, Ricardo; Sanchez, Gonzalo1
311Dangerous to Your Health: Capitalism in Health CareNavarro, Vicente1
312Politics of U.S. LabourMilton, David1
313The Mismeasure of ManGould, Stephen Jay1
314Television Programming for News and Public AffairsWolf, Frank1
315Green March, Black September: Story of the Palestinian ArabsCooley, John K.1
316France, the United States and the Algerian WarWall, Irwin M1
317Workers' CouncilsPannekoek, Anton1
318Jews and the New American SceneLipset, Seymour Martin; Raab, Earl1
319Dependency and intervention: The case of Guatemala in 1954Aybar de Soto, Jose M.1
320Aggressive Unilateralism: America's 301 Trade Policy and the World Trading SystemBhagwati, Jagdish N.; Patrick, Hugh T.1
321Prelude to War. The international repercussions of the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939Esch, Patricia A. M. van der1
322The Enchanted Glass: Britain and Its MonarchyNairn, Tom1
323One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian ImpasseAbuminah, Ali1
324Peace Denied: United States, Vietnam and the Paris AgreementPorter, Gareth1
325Politics of Escalation in VietnamFranz, Schurmann; Zelnik, Reginald; Scott, Peter Dale1
326Empire and Inequality: America and the World Since 9/11Street, Paul1
327Ten Years Military Terror in IndonesiaCaldwell, Malcolm1
328The Civil War in France Marx, Karl; Engels, Friedrich1
329Nicaragua: The Price of Intervention : Reagan's Wars Against the SandinistasKornbluh, Peter1
330El Salvador Land Reform: 1980 1981Stephens, James C.1
331Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in VietnamPorter, Gareth1
332The Black Jacobins: Toussaint L'ouverture and the San Domingo RevolutionJames, C. L. R.1
333Punishing a Nation: Human Rights Violations during the Palestinian Uprising, December 1987-December 1988Al-Haq Law in the Service of Man1
334The lost revolutionShaplen, Robert1
335Killing Peace: Colombia's Conflict and the Failure of U.S. InterventionLeech, Garry M.1
336Treatise on Money: v. 1: The Pure Theory of MoneyKeynes, John Maynard1
337Hidden Elections: 1980 Presidential ElectionsRogers, Joel; Ferguson, Thomas1
338Hitler's Social Revolution: Class and Status in Nazi Germany, 1933-1939Schoenbaum, David1
339Men of DestinyLippmann, Walter1
340Organization Theory: Research and DesignEvan, William M.1
341Seven Fallen Pillars: The Middle EastKimche, Jon1
342Thailand and the United StatesDarling, Frank C1
343Administration of the Lobby Registration Provision of the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946Graves, W. Brooke1
344El Salvador: The Face of RevolutionShenk, Janet; Armstrong, Robert1
345Saddam Hussein's Gulf Wars: Ambivalent Stakes in the Middle EastRezun, Miron1
346Collectives in the Spanish RevolutionLeval, Gaston1
347Oil and the American CenturyPainter, David1
348The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab WorldShlaim, Avi1
349The American Intellectual EliteKadushin, Charles1
350The Persian Gulf TV WarKellner, Douglas1
351Constructing Public Opinion: How Political Elites Do What They Like and Why We Seem to Go Along with itLewis, Justin1
352Capital: Critique of Political Economy v. 2Marx, Karl1
353Banana Diplomacy: The Making of American Policy in Nicaragua, 1981-1987Gutman, Roy1
354The age of surveillance: The aims and methods of America's political intelligence systemDonner, Frank J1
355Terrorism and the Liberal StateWilkinson, Paul1
356The Condor Years: How Pinochet and His Allies Brought Terrorism to Three ContinentsDinges, John1
357Mask of Democracy : Labor Suppression in Mexico TodayLa Botz, Dan1
358Tales, Speeches, Essays and SketchesTwain, Mark; Quirk, Tom1
359JFKProuty, L. Fletcher1
360Thank God They're on Our Side: United States and Right-wing Dictatorships, 1921-65Schmitz, David F.1
361The State of Native AmericaJaimes, Annette1
362Battle Lines: The American Media and the IntifadaLederman, Jim1
363The Iraq Study Group Report: The Way Forward - a New ApproachBaker, James A.; Hamilton, Lee H.1
364Communication and Cultural Domination Schiller, Herbert I.1
365Mediation and Assassination: Count Bernadotte's Mission to Palestine in 1948Persson, Sune1
366The Vanishing Voter: Public Involvement in an Age of UncertaintyPatterson, Thomas E.1
367Capitalism and Underdevelopment in Latin America: Historical Studies of Chile and BrazilFrank, Andre Gunder1
368The King-Crane Commission : an American inquiry in the Middle EastHoward, Harry N.1
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735Checkpoint Watch: Testimonies from Occupied PalestineKeshet, Yehudit Kirstein1
736Soviet strategy in Latin AmericaLeiken, Robert S1
737World military and social expenditures, 1981Sivard, Ruth Leger1
738Collectivisations , l'Oeuvre Constructive de la Revolution EspagnoleC.N.T. Fai1
739The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, 1947-1949Morris, Benny1
740Decision Making in Soviet PoliticsLowenhardt, John1
741Spoils of War: The Human Cost of America's Arms TradeTirman, John1
742In the Shadows of the Sun: United States Policy and Development Alternatives in the CaribbeanDeere, Carmen Diana1
743Nationalism and CultureRocker, Rudolf1
744Hoofprints on the Forest: Cattle Ranching and the Destruction of Latin America's Tropical ForestsShane, Douglas R.1
745Benevolent Assimilation: The American Conquest of the Philippines, 1899-1903Miller, Stuart Creighton1
746From the Place of the Dead: The Epic Struggles of Bishop Belo of East TimorKohen, Arnold S.1
747Building the Continental Empire: American Expansion from the Revolution to the Civil WarWeeks, William Earl1
748Political Economy and Laissez FaireKanth, Rajani K.1
749The Decision to Divide Germany: American Foreign Policy in TransitionBacker, John H.1
750The New Face of WarBrowne, Malcolm W.1
751Saddam Hussein: The Politics of RevengeAburish, Said K.1
752The Missing Peace: The Inside Story of the Fight for Middle East PeaceRoss, Dennis1
753General Reinhard Gehlen: The CIA ConnectionReese, Mary Ellen1
754Cold Warriors & Coups d'Etat: Brazilian-American Relations, 1945-1964Weis, Michael1
755Encyclopedia of the Social SciencesSeligman, Edwin R.1
756The Trial of Henry KissingerHitchens, Christopher1
757The Brenner Debate: Agrarian Class Structure and Economic Development in Pre-industrial Europe Aston, T. H.; Philpin, C. H. E.1
758Challenge to AffluenceMyrdal, Gunnar1
759Holding Fast the Inner Lines: Democracy, Nationalism, and the Committee on Public InformationVaughn, Stephen L.1
760Military Aid and Counterrevolution in the Third WorldWolpin, Miles D1
761Strategic Deception: Rhetoric, Science and Politics in Missile Defense AdvocacyMitchell, Gordon R.1
762Revolution and Civil War in SpainBroue, Pierre; Temime, Emile1
763Zionism and the PalestiniansFlapan, Simha1
764Report for the 39th General Assembly of the United Nations on the Human Rights Situation in GuatemalaGuatemala Human Rights Commission1
765Colombia's Killer Networks: The Military-Paramilitary Partnership and the U.S Human Rights Watch1
766States and the Reemergence of Global Finance: From Bretton Woods to the 1990sHelleiner, Eric1
767The Battle for Homestead, 1880-92: Politics, Culture and Steel Krause, Paul1
768Israel's Lebanon WarSchiff, Ze'ev; Ya'ari, Ehud1
769Vietnam: A History in DocumentsPorter, Gareth1
770Deliver Us from Evil: Peacekeepers, Warlords and a World of Endless ConflictShawcross, William1
771The Rise of American Air Power: The Creation of ArmageddonSherry, Michael1
772The Fall of the House of Labor: The Workplace, the State, and American Labor Activism, 1865-1925Montgomery, David1
773Big Business in Japanese PoliticsYanaga, Chitoshi1
774The Dynamics Of Defeat: The Vietnam War In Hau Nghia ProvinceBergerud, Eric M1
775Empire Lite: Nation Building in Bosnia, Kosovo, AfghanistanIgnatieff, Michael1
776Of the First Principles of GovernmentHume, David1
777Trapped Fools: Thirty Years of Israeli Policy in the TerritoriesGazit, Shlomo1
778Plantation society, land and labor on Costa Rica's Atlantic Coast, 1870-1940Chomsky, Aviva1
779The State We're In: Why Britain Is in Crisis and How to Overcome It Hutton, Will1
780Unfinished Business: America and Cuba after the Cold War, 1989-2001Morley, Morris; McGillion, Chris1
781A Quiet Violence: View from a Bangladesh Village Hartman, Betsy; Boyce, James K.1
782Rural pacification in VietnamNighswonger, William A1
783The Dispossessed: Chronicles of the Desterrados of ColombiaMolano, Alfredo1
784The Rise and Fall of Palestine: A Personal Account of the Intifada YearsFinkelstein, Norman G.1
785Guatemala (Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954)1
786CNT in the Spanish RevolutionPeirats, Jose; Ealham, Chris1
787Imperial Israel and the Palestinians: The Politics of ExpansionMasalha, Nur1
788Civil Patrols in GuatemalaAmericas Watch1
789Arming Iraq: How the U.S. and Britain Secretly Built Saddam's War Machine Phythian, Mark; Passas, Nikos1
790Private Interests, Public Spending: Balanced-Budget Conservatism and the Fiscal CrisisPlotkin, Sidney; Scheuerman (A, William E.1
791Philosophical Investigations into the Essence of Human FreedomSchelling, F. W. J.1
792The Israeli connection: Israeli involvement in paramilitary training in ColombiaHunter, Jane1
793The Responsibility to Protect: Report of the ICISSEvans, Gareth; Sahnoun, Mohamed1
794Tet!: The Turning Point in the Vietnam WarOberdorfer, Don1
795Rule of Power or Rule of Law?: An Assessment of US Policy and Actions Regarding Security-related TreatiesDeller, Nicole1
796In the Matter of Color: Race and the American Legal Process. The Colonial PeriodHigginbotham, Leon1
797Class Conflict and Cultural ConsensusEdsforth, Ronald1
798The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic ImperativesBrzezinski, Zbigniew1
799The Battle for Saudi Arabia: Royalty, Fundamentalism, and Global PowerAbuKhalil, As'ad1
800The Birth Symbol in Traditional Women's ArtAllen, Max1
801Economics and World History: Myths and ParadoxesBairoch, Paul1
802Export Agriculture and the Crisis in Central AmericaWilliams, Robert1
803Reckless Gamble: The Sabotage of the United Nations in the Cuban Conflict and the Missile Crisis of 1962Ganser, Daniele1
804Rise and Fulfillment of British Rule in IndiaThompson, Edward I.1
805Social Security: The Phony CrisisBaker, Dean1
806The Path to Vietnam: Origins of the American Commitment to Southeast AsiaRotter, Andrew J.1
807The Monster at Our Door: The Global Threat of Avian FluDavis, Mike1
808Ominous Politics: The New Conservative LabyrinthSaloma, John S.1
809A New History of IndiaWolpert, Stanley1
810The Spanish Republic And The Civil War 1931-1939Gabriel, Jackson1
811The Palestinian Exodus 1948-1998Cotran, Eugene; Karmi, Ghada1
812Israel and Latin America: The Military ConnectionBahbah, Bishara; Butler, Linda1
813Emerging Norms of Justified InterventionReed, Laura W.; Kaysen, Carl1
814Lent and Lost: Foreign Credit and Third World DevelopmentPayer, Cheryl1
815The Making and Breaking of Communist Europe Zeman, Z. A. B.1
816American Diplomacy and the Spanish Civil War Traina, Richard P.1
817The Ethnic Cleansing of PalestinePappe, Ilan1
818My Lai 4: A Report on the Massacre and Its AftermathHersh, Seymour M.1
819How Nations BehaveHenkin, Louis1
820The Nurnberg caseJackson, Robert Houghwout1
821Poisoned Arrows: An Investigative Journey Through IndonesiaMonbiot, George1
822AreopagiticaMilton, John1
823Contours of Descent: U.S. Economic Fractures and the Landscape of Global AusterityPollin, Robert1
824Columbus: His EnterpriseKoning, Hans1
825Packaging the Contras a Case of CIA DisinformationChamorro, Edgar1
826Vietnam Diary Tregaskis, Richard1
827Main Currents in Modern American HistoryKolko, Gabriel1
828The Honourable Company: A History of the English East India CompanyKeay, John1
829Fear: The History of a Political IdeaRobin, Corey1
830The Cold War Against LaborGinger, Ann Fagan; Christiano, David1
831Making ItPodhoretz, Norman1
832Manufacturing the NewsFishman, Mark1
833SUEZ Love, Kennett1
834Jeunesse Du Socialisme Libertaire: EssaisGuerin, Daniel1
835War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You To KnowRitter, Scott; Pitt, William Rivers1
836The CIA in Guatemala: The Foreign Policy of InterventionImmerman, Richard1
837Only the Paranoid SurviveGrove, Andrew1
838The Fair Trade FraudBovard, James1
839Spain and the Great Powers, 1936 to 1941Puzzo, Dante Anthony1
840The Enigma of Japanese Power: People and Politics in a Stateless NationWolferen, Karel Van1
841Married to Another Man: Israel's Dilemma in PalestineKarmi, Ghada1
842When Governments Collide : Coercion and Diplomacy in the Vietnam Conflict, 1964-1968Thies, Wallace J.1
843Night Draws Near: Iraq's People in the Shadow of America's WarShadid, Anthony1
844Revolutionary Movement in Britain, 1900-21Kendall, Walter1
845New Modes of ConflictJenkins, Brian1
846News: The Politics of IllusionBennett, W. Lance1
847The Hidden Hand: Britain, America and Cold War Secret IntelligenceAldrich, Richard J.1
848Essays in Population History: Mexico and the Caribbean v. 2Cook, Sherburne F.; Borah, Woodrow1
849Israel's Fateful HourHarkabi, Yehoshafat1
850Promise and Power: The Life and Times of Robert McNamaraShapley, Deborah1
851Treatise on Money: Applied Theory of Money v. 2 Keynes, John Maynard1
852Globalizing Capital: A History of the International Monetary SystemEichengreen, Barry1
853The Making of the English Working ClassThompson, E. P.1
854Empire and Superempire: Britain, America and the WorldPorter, Bernard1
855Inside Prime TimeGitlin, Todd1
856A Revolutionary Year: The Middle East in 1958Louis, Wm. Roger; Owen, Roger1
857A Century of Dishonor: The Classic Expose of the Plight of the Native AmericansJackson, Helen Hunt1
858Western interests in the Pacific RealmAdam, Thomas R1
859Germany: Key to PeaceWarburg, James P.1
860Israel and the American National Interest: A Critical ExaminationRubenberg, Cheryl1
861Salvador Witness: The Life and Calling of Jean DonovanCarrigan, Ana1
862Lessons of SpainTrotsky, Leon1
863The Iranian Triangle: The Untold Story of Israel's Role in the Iran-Contra AffairSegev, Samuel1
864The Making of Israeli MilitarismBen-Eliezer, Uri1
866Desert Shield to Desert Storm: The Second Gulf WarHiro, Dilip1
867Agent Orange - Collateral Damage in Viet NamGriffiths, Philip Jones1
868Capital: Critique of Political Economy v. 3Marx, Karl1
869From Beirut to JerusalemFriedman, Thomas1
870Political repression in modern America from 1870 to the presentGoldstein, Robert Justin1
871America's Disappeared: Secret Imprisonment, Detainees & the "War on Terror"Meeropol, Rachel1
872The Pinochet File: A Declassified Dossier on Atrocity and AccountabilityKornbluh, Peter1
873Capitalism, Socialism and DemocracySchumpeter, Joseph A.1
874The Bitter Heritage: Vietnam and American Democracy 1941-1966Schlesinger, Arthur M.1
875View from Chapultepec: Mexican Writers on the Mexican-American WarRobinson, Cecil1
876The Political Economy of Merchant EmpiresTracy, James D.1
877The Corporate Reconstruction of American Capitalism, 1890-1916Sklar, Martin J.1
878Juice Is Stranger Than Friction: Selected Writings of T-Bone SlimSlim, T-Bone1
879Vive La RevolutionSteel, Mark1
880Media industries: The production of news and entertainment Turow, Joseph1
881Ben-Gurion: A BiographyBar-Zohar, Michael1
882The issue of war: States, societies and the Far Eastern conflict of 1941-1945Thorne, Christopher1
883Military sales : the United States continuing munition supply relationship with Guatemala1
884Ideals and Self-interest in America's Foreign Relations: Great Transformation of the Twentieth CenturyOsgood, Robert Endicott1
885Abba Hillel Silver: A Profile in American JudaismRaphael, Marc Lee1
886The Reagan administration's record on human rights in 1986Lawyers Committee for Human Rights1
887Anarchism and Anarcho-syndicalismRocker, Rudolf1
888Redefining the Past: Essays in Diplomatic History in Honor of William Appleman WilliamsGardner, Lloyd C.1
889Political Policing: The United States and Latin AmericaHuggins, Martha K.1
890War, Peace, and the Viet CongPike, Douglas1
891A Nation on Trial: The Goldhagen Thesis and Historical TruthFinkelstein, Norman G.; Birn, Ruth1
892War LawByers, Michael1
893The Unbound Prometheus: Technological Change and Industrial Development in Western Europe from 1750 to the PresentLandes, David S.1
894Grundrisse der Kritik der politischen OkonomieMarx, Karl1
895Don Pepe: A political biography of Jose Figueres of Costa RicaAmeringer, Charles D1
896Murder of a Gentle Land: The Untold Story of Communist Genocide in CambodiaPaul, Anthony; Barron, John1
897Age of TerrorismLaqueur, Walter1
898The Battle for Guatemala: Rebels, Death Squads and U.S.PowerJonas, Susanne1
899The Discipline of Power: Essentials of a Modern World StructureBall, George W.1
900JFK and Vietnam: Deception, Intrigue, and the Struggle for PowerNewman, John M.1
901An Inquiry Into The Algerian MassacresBedjaoui, Youcef; Aroua, Abbas; Ait-Larbi, Meziane1
902The Philosophy of HistoryHegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich1
903Basic Works of AristotleAristotle; McKeon, Richard1
904M.I.A., Or, Mythmaking in AmericaFranklin, Bruce1
905Sir! No Sir! - The Suppressed Story of the GI Movement to End the War in VietnamZeiger, David1
906Economic Aspects of Television RegulationNoll, Roger G.1
907Lebanon in Crisis: Participants and Issues Haley, Edward; Snider, Lewis W.1
908State, Capitalism and Democracy in Latin America Boron, Atilio A.1
909The forging of the Union, 1781-1789Morris, Richard B.1
910Contemporary Military StrategyHalperin, Morton H1
911Henry Churchill King of OberlinLove, Donald M.1
912Cry of the PeopleLernoux, Penny1
913Looking Back at the June 1967 WarGordon, Haim1
914Communism and the Spanish Civil WarCattell, David Tredwell1
915American Labor and Postwar Italy, 1943-1953: A Study of Cold War PoliticsFilippelli, Ronald1
916The Accidental Empire: Israel and the Birth of the Settlements, 1967-1977Gorenberg, Gershom1
917The Holocaust in American LifeNovick, Peter1
918The control of oilBlair, John Malcolm1
919Made in America: Regaining the Productive EdgeDertouzos, Michael L.1
920Marx and Keynes: The Limits of the Mixed EconomyMattick, Paul1
921Kerala: Radical Reform as Development in an Indian StateFranke, Richard W.; Chasin, Barbara H.1
922Red Brotherhood at War: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos since 1975Rowley, Kelvin; Evans, Grant1
923Imperialism at Bay: The United States and the Decolonization of the British Empire 1941-1945Louis, Wm. Roger1
924The Economy of DeathBarnet, Richard J.1
925Dangerous LiaisonCockburn, Alexander; Cockburn, Leslie1
926The lords of human kindKiernan, V.G.1
927The Clash: U.S.-Japanese Relations Throughout HistoryLafeber, Walter1
928The Pequots in Southern New England: The Rise and Fall of an American Indian NationHauptman, Laurence M.; Wherry, James D.1
929The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, War Profiteers, and the Media That Love ThemGoodman, Amy; Goodman, David1
930Chilling Effect of Television NewsLashner, Marilyn1
931Klaus Barbie: The Fourth ReichLinklater, Magnus; Hilton, Isabel; Ascherson, Neal1
932World CommunismBorkenau, Franz1
933The Fundamentalist Phenomenon/the Resurgence of Conservative ChristianityDobson, Ed; Hindson, Edward E.1
934Communicating Politics: Mass Communications and the Political ProcessGolding, Peter; Murdock, Graham; Schlesinger, Philip1
935A History Of BolshevismRosenberg, Arthur1
936MITI and the Japanese Miracle: The Growth of Industrial Policy, 1925-1975Johnson, Chalmers1
937Sacred Landscape: The Buried History of the Holy Land since 1948 Benvenisti, Meiron1
938America in Vietnam: A Documentary HistoryWilliams, William Appleman; Gardner, Lloyd C.; Lafeber, Walter; McCormick, Thomas1
939White House YearsKissinger, Henry A.1
940Osama: The Making of a TerroristRandal, Jonathan1
941Industrial Policy in Developing CountriesSmith, Stephen C.1
942The Marxian Revolutionary IdeaTucker, Robert C.1
943Defending the National Interest: Raw Materials Investments and U.S. Foreign PolicyKrasner, Stephen D.1
944Cambodia: Starvation and RevolutionPorter, Gareth; Hildebrand, George C.1
945East Timor: Too Little Too LateTaudevin, Lansell1
946Introduction to MetaphysicsHeidegger, Martin1
947Inside the Company: C.I.A.DiaryAgee, Philip1
948Religion within Limits of Reason AloneKant, Immanuel1
949Racial Matters: The FBI's Secret File on Black America, 1960-1972O'Reilly, Kenneth1
950Expansion and American Indian Policy, 1783–1812Horsman, Reginald1
951The Ambiguities of Power: British Foreign Policy Since 1945Curtis, Mark1
952Golden Rule: Investment Theory of Party Competition and the Logic of Money-driven Political SystemsFerguson, Thomas1
953A History of CambodiaChandler, David1
954The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth CommunityKorten, David1
955The Geopolitics of Information: How Western Culture Dominates the WorldSmith, Anthony1
956America's Achilles' Heel: Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Terrorism and Covert AttackFalkenrath, Richard; Newman, Robert; Thayer, Bradley1
957Contemporary political science: Toward empirical theoryPool, Ithiel de Sola1
958The SAGE Handbook of Nations and NationalismDelanty, Gerard; Kumar, Krishan; Pappe, Ilan1
959Socialist Register, 1984: The Uses of Anti-CommunismMiliband, Ralph; Liebman, Marcel; Saville, John1
960A Surplus of Memory: Chronicle of the Warsaw Ghetto UprisingZuckerman, Yitzhak1
961Not Condemned to Repetition: The United States and NicaraguaPastor, Robert A.1
962The Grand Camouflage: The Communist Conspiracy in the Spanish Civil WarBolloten, Burnett1
963The purpose of American politicsMorgenthau, Hans Joachim1
964Arab Villages Destroyed in IsraelShahak, Israel1
965The Uncensored War: The Media and VietnamHallin, Daniel C.1
966Secret History: The CIA’s Classified Account of Its Operations in Guatemala 1952-1954Cullather, Nick; Gleijeses, Piero1
967HOODWINKED: How the Bush Administration Sold Us a WarPrados, John1
968Between Life and EconomicsFitzgerald, Tom1
969Bakunin on AnarchyDolgoff, Sam1
970From Peasant Girls to Bangkok MasseusesPhongpaichit, Pasuk1
972Oyster: The Story of the Australian Secret Intelligence ServicePinwill, William; Toohey, Brian1
973Collision Course: NATO, Russia, and KosovoNorris, John1
974Left-wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder Lenin, Vladimir1
975Transitions from Authoritarian Rule: Prospect for DemocracySchmitter, Philippe C.; O'Donnell, Guillermo; Whitehead, Laurence1
976The Presidency of John F. KennedyGiglio, James N.1
977Talons of the Eagle: Dynamics of US-Latin American RelationsSmith, Peter H.1
978The Disengagement Plan and its Repercussions on the Right to Health in the Gaza StripBendel, Maskit1
979The Media MonopolyBagdikian, Ben H.1
980Top Heavy: Increasing Inequality of Wealth in America and What Can Be Done About ItWolff, Edward N.1
981Eastern Cauldron: Islam, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Iraq in a Marxist MirrorAchcar, Gilbert1
982TV news and the Dominant CultureCorry, John1
983The war that never was: An insider's account of CIA covert operations against CubaAyers, Bradley Earl1
984Revolution and Counter-revolution in SpainMorrow, Felix1
985The Nuclear Seduction: Why the Arms Race Doesn't Matter--And What Does Derber, Charles; Schwartz, William A.1
986Britain and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1948-51Pappe, Ilan1
987Papa, Mafya, AgcaMumcu, Ugur1
988The Kurds and the Future of TurkeyGunter, Michael M.1
989Sad and Luminous Days: Cuba's Struggle with the Superpowers After the Missile CrisisBrenner, Philip; Blight, James G.1
990The Uruguay Round and Third World SovereigntyKhor Kok Peng, Martin1
991Scarcity and Survival in Central America: Ecological Origins of the Soccer WarDurham, William1
992Reporting South-East AsiaWarner, Denis1
993Repression, Resistance, and Democratic Transition in Central America Walker, Thomas W.; Armony, Ariel C.1
994Manifest Design: Anxious Aggrandizement in Late Jacksonian AmericaHietala, Thomas R.1
995Theorie des lois civilesLinguet, Simon1
996The Paperclip Conspiracy: The Hunt for the Nazi ScientistsBower, Tom1
997Informed Dissent: Three Generals and the Vietnam WarBozzanco, Robert; Duffy, Dan1
998The War for Palestine: Rewriting the History of 1948Shlaim, Avi; Rogan, Eugene L.1
999Hawaii: Islands under the InfluenceKent, Noel J.1
1000The Cold War and American Science: The Military-Industrial-Academic Complex at MIT and StanfordLeslie, Stuart W.1
1001Power Without Responsibility: Press, Broadcasting and the Internet in BritainSeaton, Jean; Curran, James1
1002The Seeds of Empire: The American Revolutionary Conquest of the IroquoisMintz, Max M.1
1003The Rise and Fall of the White RepublicSaxton, Alexander1
1004Socialism and American Life: v. 1Persons, Stow; Egbert, Donald Drew1
1005The Great Fear: The Anti-Communist Purge Under Truman and EisenhowerCaute, David1
1006Current Perspectives on International TerrorismSlater, Robert O.; Stohl, Michael1
1007Germs: America's Secret War against Biological WeaponsMiller, Judith; Engelberg, Stephen; Broad, William J.1
1008The Spanish Civil WarThomas, Hugh1
1009Zionism and Territory: The Socio- Territorial Dimensions of Zionist PoliticsKimmerling, Baruch1
1010Nuclear DelusionKennan, George F.1
1011America Beyond Capitalism: Reclaiming Our Wealth, Our Liberty, and Our DemocracySpeth, James Gustave; Alperovitz, Gar1
1012The rhetoric of empire;: American China policy, 1895-1901Young, Marilyn Blatt1
1013View From the Seventh FloorROSTOW, W. W.1
1014Virtual War: Kosovo and BeyondIgnatieff, Michael1
1015Intelligence and the War in Bosnia 1992-1995 Wiebes, Cees1
1016Anti-Imperialism and International Competition in Central America, 1920-1929Salisbury, Richard V.1
1017Adam Smith and His Legacy for Modern CapitalismWerhane, Patricia1
1018War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific WarDower, John W.1
1019JFK: History of an ImageBrown, Thomas1
1020You Can't be Neutral on a Moving Train: A Personal History of Our TimesZinn, Howard1
1021Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor: American Economic Development Policy Toward the Arab East, 1942-49Godfried, Nathan1
1022Public OpinionLippmann, Walter1
1023The Rise and Fall of British India: Imperialism as InequalityDe Schweinitz, Karl1
1024The End of Ideology: On the Exhaustion of Political Ideas in the FiftiesBell, Daniel1
1025Conflicting Missions: Havana, Washington and Africa, 1959-1976Gleijeses, Piero1


Book lists based on Noam Chomsky's reading.