The Noam Chomsky Reading List
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Chomsky's Recommended US History Books List

The following is a book list on US History made from the references in Noam Chomsky's books. See the home page for details.

Book Title Author(s) Total References
Deterring DemocracyChomsky, Noam119
Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel and the PalestiniansChomsky, Noam99
Toward a New Cold WarChomsky, Noam81
The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism (Political Economy of Human Rights, 01) Chomsky, Noam; Herman, Edward68
Turning the Tide: U.S. Intervention in Central America and the Struggle for PeaceChomsky, Noam68
For Reasons of StateChomsky, Noam45
Year 501Chomsky, Noam29
The Pentagon Papers: Critical Essays: Volume FiveChomsky, Noam; Zinn, Howard29
At War with Asia: Essays on IndochinaChomsky, Noam26
American Power and the New MandarinsChomsky, Noam18
Rethinking Camelot: JFK, the Vietnam War, and US Political CultureChomsky, Noam17
Failed StatesChomsky, Noam16
Western State TerrorismChomsky, Noam; George, Alexander L.15
Kennedy's Quest for Victory: American Foreign Policy, 1961-1963Paterson, Thomas G.10
Reflections on the Cuban Missile CrisisGarthoff, Raymond L.9
Requiem for Revolution: United States and Brazil, 1961-69Leacock, Ruth9
The Crisis of DemocracyHuntington, Samuel P.; Watanuki, Joji; Crozier, Michel9
American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New WorldStannard, David E.8
After the Cataclysm: Postwar Indo-China (Political Economy of Human Rights, 02)Chomsky, Noam; Herman, Edward8
Anatomy of a War: Vietnam, the United States, and the Modern Historical ExperienceKolko, Gabriel7
The Kennedy Tapes. Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile CrisisMay, Ernest R.; Zelikow, Philip D.7
Confronting the Third World: United States Foreign Policy, 1945-1980Kolko, Gabriel7
Accumulation and Power: Economic History of the United StatesDuBoff, Richard B.6
Inventing the People: Rise of Popular Sovereignty in England and AmericaMorgan, Edmund S.6
The Invasion of AmericaJennings, Francis6
Taking the Risk out of Democracy: Corporate Propaganda Versus Freedom and LibertyCarey, Alex6
The War on Labor and the Left: Understanding America's Unique ConservatismSexton, Patricia Cayo6
The Price of Power: Kissinger in the Nixon White HouseHersh, Seymour M.5
The Battle for Homestead, 1880-92: Politics, Culture and Steel Krause, Paul5
The Transformation of American Law 1870 - 1960Horwitz, Morton J.5
Vietnam: A HistoryKarnow, Stanley5
The United States Occupation of Haiti, 1915-1934 Schmidt, Hans5
Jefferson and Civil Liberties: The Darker Side Levy, Leonard W.4
The Origins of the Korean War: Volume II The Roaring of the Cataract 1947-1950Cumings, Bruce4
9-11Chomsky, Noam4
John Quincy Adams and American Global EmpireWeeks, William Earl4
America in Vietnam: A Documentary HistoryLafeber, Walter; Williams, William Appleman; Gardner, Lloyd C.; McCormick, Thomas4
Empire of FortuneJennings, Francis4
War and State Terrorism: The United States, Japan and the Asia-Pacific in the Long Twentieth CenturySelden, Mark; So, Alvin Y.4
A Diplomatic History of the American People Bailey, Thomas A.3
The founding finaglersMiller, Nathan3
Thank God They're on Our Side: United States and Right-wing Dictatorships, 1921-65Schmitz, David F.3
Building the Continental Empire: American Expansion from the Revolution to the Civil WarWeeks, William Earl3
Manifest Design: American Exceptionalism and EmpireHietala, Thomas R.3
Decade of Transition: Eisenhower, Kennedy and the Origins of the American-Israeli AllianceBen-zvi, Abraham3
The War of 1898: United States and Cuba in History and HistoriographyPerez, Louis A.3
White Savage: Case of John Dunn HunterDrinnon, Richard3
The American Revolution ReconsideredMorris, Richard B.3
Self-rule: Cultural History of American DemocracyWiebe, Robert H3
The Other Arab-Israeli Conflict: Making America's Middle East Policy, from Truman to ReaganSpiegel, Steven L.3
Facing West: Metaphysics of Indian-hating and Empire-buildingDrinnon, Richard3
The Conquest of America: The Question of the OtherTodorov, Tzvetan3
Notes from the Minefield: United States Intervention in Lebanon, 1945-1958Gendzier, Irene L3
A History of the Monroe DoctrinePerkins, Dexter2
Eisenhower and Latin AmericaRabe, Stephen G.2
The State of Native AmericaJaimes, Annette2
Our Enemies and Us: America's Rivalries and the Making of Political ScienceOren, Ido2
A Century of Dishonor: The Classic Expose of the Plight of the Native AmericansJackson, Helen Hunt2
Blowback: America's Recruitment of Nazis and Its Effects on the Cold WarSimpson, Christopher2
The Conquest of Paradise: Christopher Columbus and the Columbian LegacySale, Kirkpatrick2
The Rising American EmpireAlstyne, Richard Warner Van2
Voices of a People's History of the United States Zinn, Howard; Arnove, Anthony2
Swords And PlowsharesTaylor, Maxwell D.2
Main Currents in Modern American HistoryKolko, Gabriel2
The Juggler: Franklin Roosevelt as Wartime StatesmanKimball, Warren F.2
Containing Arab Nationalism: The Eisenhower Doctrine and the Middle EastYaqub, Salim2
Closest of Enemies: Personal and Diplomatic History of the Castro YearsSmith, Wayne S.2
The Kennedys and Cuba: The Declassified Documentary HistoryWhite, Mark J.2
Empire and Superempire: Britain, America and the WorldPorter, Bernard2
The Market Revolution: Jacksonian America 1815-1846Sellers, Charles2
A Worthy Tradition: Freedom of Speech in AmericanKalven, Harry, Jr.2
To move a nation: The Politics of Foreign Policy in the Administration of John F. KennedyHilsman, Roger2
Democracy In AmericaTocqueville, Alexis De2
My Lai 4: A Report on the Massacre and Its AftermathHersh, Seymour M.2
Race and Manifest DestinyHorsman, Reginald2
The Trial of Henry KissingerHitchens, Christopher1
Imperialism at Bay: The United States and the Decolonization of the British Empire 1941-1945Louis, Wm. Roger1
Reckless Gamble: The Sabotage of the United Nations in the Cuban Conflict and the Missile Crisis of 1962Ganser, Daniele1
Men of DestinyLippmann, Walter1
The American Revolution: Explorations in the History of American RadicalismYoung, Alfred1
John Jay, Defender of Liberty Against Kings and Peoples, Author of the ConstitutionMonaghan, Frank1
Imperial Democracy: Emergence of America as a Great PowerMay, Ernest R.1
Writings of John Quincy Adams Vol 1Adams, John Quincy1
The Public Papers of Woodrow WilsonWilson, Woodrow; Baker, Ray; Dodd, William E.1
Organization of American States and Hemisphere CrisisDreier, John C.1
Political repression in modern America from 1870 to the presentGoldstein, Robert Justin1
Manitou & ProvidenceSalisbury, Neil1
The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy and the End of the RepublicJohnson, Chalmers1
The Declassified Eisenhower: A Startling ReappraisalCook, Blanche Wiesen1
War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific WarDower, John W.1
Surrender: How the Clinton Administration Completed the Reagan RevolutionMeeropol, Michael1
Inventors of the promised landFriedman, Lawrence Jacob1
And Still the Waters RunDebo, Angie1
Black Cargoes: A History of the Atlantic Slave Trade 1518-1865Mannix, Daniel P.; Cowley, Malcolm1
Radicalism of the American RevolutionWood, Gordon S.1
Altered States: The United States and Japan Since the OccupationSchaller, Michael1
The Napoleon of New York: Mayor Fiorello La GuardiaJeffers, H. Paul1
You Can't be Neutral on a Moving Train: A Personal History of Our TimesZinn, Howard1
Manifest Design: Anxious Aggrandizement in Late Jacksonian AmericaHietala, Thomas R.1
Benevolent Assimilation: The American Conquest of the Philippines, 1899-1903Miller, Stuart Creighton1
M.I.A., Or, Mythmaking in AmericaFranklin, Bruce1
The Pequots in Southern New England: The Rise and Fall of an American Indian NationHauptman, Laurence M.; Wherry, James D.1
Sad and Luminous Days: Cuba's Struggle with the Superpowers After the Missile CrisisBrenner, Philip; Blight, James G.1
The Great Fear: The Anti-Communist Purge Under Truman and EisenhowerCaute, David1
The forging of the Union, 1781-1789Morris, Richard B.1
Fathers and childrenRogin, Michael Paul1
Freedom Under Fire: U.S. Civil Liberties in Times of WarLinfield, Michael1
Dangerous Memories: Invasion and Resistance Since 1492McConnell, Michael; Mueller, Peggy1
The Seeds of Empire: The American Revolutionary Conquest of the IroquoisMintz, Max M.1
The Iranian Triangle: The Untold Story of Israel's Role in the Iran-Contra AffairSegev, Samuel1
In the Matter of Color: Race and the American Legal Process. The Colonial PeriodHigginbotham, Leon1
The Rise and Fall of the White RepublicSaxton, Alexander1
View from Chapultepec: Mexican Writers on the Mexican-American WarRobinson, Cecil1
The Clash: U.S.-Japanese Relations Throughout HistoryLafeber, Walter1
The Path to Vietnam: Origins of the American Commitment to Southeast AsiaRotter, Andrew J.1
America's Secret War against Bolshevism: U.S. Intervention in the Russian Civil War, 1917-1920 Foglesong, David S.1
Not Condemned to Repetition: The United States and NicaraguaPastor, Robert A.1
Man of the People: A Life of Harry S. TrumanHamby, Alonzo L.1
Expansion and American Indian Policy, 17831812Horsman, Reginald1
Writings of John Quincy Adams: Ed. By Worthington Chauncey Ford. V. 1-7 .. (V. 6 )Adams, John Quincy; Ford, Worthington Chauncey1
The Invasion Within: The Contest of Cultures in Colonial North AmericaAxtell, James1
The atomic bomb suppressed: American censorship in Japan 1945-1949Braw, Monica1
Racial Matters: The FBI's Secret File on Black America, 1960-1972O'Reilly, Kenneth1
Columbus: His EnterpriseKoning, Hans1
The rhetoric of empire;: American China policy, 1895-1901Young, Marilyn Blatt1
Capitalism and a New Social Order: The Republican Vision of the 1790sAppleby, Joyce0
Cherokee Tragedy: Ridge Family and the Decimation of a PeopleWilkins, Thurman0


Book lists based on Noam Chomsky's reading.